Pocket WP V0.4.2 – Handling untagged links

Posted in: Code, Work on January 13th, 2015

It seems whenever I fix one bug, another bug pops up! This time is was my poor handling of untagged links… Thanks to Nathan for identifying this for me.

This update does a better job of checking for untagged links, and then adds the tag of “untagged” by default. If you want to remove the tag list, use the parameter tag_list="no"

Download Pocket WP 0.4.2

For full details on what the plugin does, have a look at the plugin page that I created or see a demo here.

Changes in Pocket WP 0.4.2

* Improved the way plugin handles untagged posts. It now shows “untagged” in the tag list instead of throwing an error. Tag list can be turned off by using tag_list="no".

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