Apparently ‘Oz’ is a Cuss Word

Posted in: Marketing, Work on May 13th, 2014
DENIED! Your ad was not approved, say Facebook Big Brother...
DENIED! Your ad was not approved, says Facebook Big Brother…

This morning I was trying to figure out why my Facebook ads kept getting disapproved. I contacted Facebook support who said they were fine and approved them, only to have them disapproved a few minutes later by the automated approval system. The not approved message insinuated my ad used profanity or included inappropriate content, as below.

Facebook not approved message
Facebook not approved message

The body copy included things like “full-time internship”, “paid internship”, and other copy that related to employment opportunities, so I just assumed that Facebook thought my ads were a work-from-home scam or similar.

But no… After many iterations of the ad copy, I realized that the headline, “Hospitality Courses in Oz,” was the culprit, and a simple change of the headline to “Hospitality Courses Aust,” magically got my ads approved!

I can only assume that the word “Oz” is a cuss word in the dictionary of Facebook…. Weird…

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