Baby Harlow, 4 Months

Posted in: Family, Life, Photos on August 28th, 2014

This sweet girl is 4 months old! (By Andrea)

  • She loves to grab anything she can get her hands on (hair, bracelets, shirts, glasses, the cats…)
  • Her arm and leg rolls are the cutest things ever, she gets distracted by anything and everything while eating, she giggles when we blow on her belly, tickle her chin or do the shake your booty dance,
  • Her favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe, the o ball and the exersaucer
  • We think she’s in early stages of teething because she drools non stop and chomps down as hard as possibly on everything
  • She is quite possibly the happiest and sweetest baby ever. And she is all ours!

Equipment: Nikon D3100 camera, Nikon AFS NIKKOR 50mm f18G lens and Neewer TT560 flash with softbox.
All photos copyright Ciaran Mahoney. All rights reserved.

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