Spotify – It’s Awesome!

Posted in: Life, Music on May 23rd, 2012

Being an avid Pandora fan, moving back to Australia meant that I couldn’t use my favourite streaming service and only played the music I had stored locally. But that all changed when Spotify launched in Australia yesterday! Spotify is a music streaming service, offering a range of features from radio to offline storage (see a great comparison here), but for me, one … read more

Andy Grammer’s Interactive Video for Keep Your Head Up

Posted in: Life, Marketing, Music, Work on January 31st, 2012

I discovered Andy Grammer a few months ago via Pandora but finally checked out his award-winning interactive music video recently. Honestly, I don’t watch many music videos because they rarely tell a captivating story. However, in the Keep Your Head Up video, Andy and his creative team (a partnership between Interlude, S-Curve and Vevo) commingle the song, story and … read more


She Is Love – Parachute

Posted in: Life, Music on August 20th, 2011

Pandora pulled up the song She Is Love by Parachute today… No, I haven’t converted and started listening to the Parachute worship band from New Zealand. These dudes are from Charlottesville, Virginia and are relatively new onto the scene (2008 according to the ever reliable Wikipedia). They are actually playing near me this weekend but unfortunately tickets are sold out, … read more