I Support a Free and Open Internet & You Should Too

Posted in: Opinion on June 24th, 2014

tl;dr: Please support a free and open internet by commenting on the FCC website – proceedings 14-57 (comment to oppose the Comcast-Time Warner merger) & 14-28 (comment to support Net Neutrality). The demise of Network (Net) Neutrality is a boring, complicated and confusing issue, but one that will shape the future of the internet. Failure to maintain … read more

A few thoughts on the America’s Cup

Posted in: Opinion on September 26th, 2013

So Team Oracle USA had made a remarkable comeback to clutch victory from Emirates Team New Zealand… Here’s my thoughts on the topic. The spectacle was amazing The engineering marvels that are the AC 72s, the America’s Cup village in San Francisco (that I was lucky enough to visit three times), the post-race fly-bys where … read more

Does gun control cause an increase of violent crime? A closer look at Australia

Posted in: Opinion on January 10th, 2013

Since the Sandy Hook massacre gun control has been a widely debated topic, with discussions often turning into heated shout-fests and an array of causalities for the killings being thrown about. One of the arguments often spouted against gun control is that with increased gun control comes an increase of violent crime, with the up-trend … read more


Frontline: Digital Nation – Thought provoking indeed

Posted in: Opinion on December 29th, 2012

Today I watched Frontline: Digital Nation, a documentary exploring the world’s adoption of and dependancy on technology. It is well worth watching: video link. Two segments really kicked my brain into gear. Firstly, one segment cited a Stanford study on multitasking, showing that multitasking does indeed deteriorate performance, even though subjects were convinced they were … read more


Google Doodle for the Rugby World Cup

Posted in: Opinion on September 8th, 2011

Google has a history of celebrating people and events with Google Doodles, so it’s no surprise they had a crack at the Rugby World Cup which commences in Auckland tonight. Now I am the first one to celebrate when my beloved game of Rugby gets some free coverage, especially by the world’s most powerful search engine, but … read more