Troubleshooting Codeship deployment for php via scp, Github and cPanel

Posted in: Code, Work on October 3rd, 2014

*Edit below, thanks to comments from the guys at Codeship!* Today I was looking for a way to setup continuous deployment for a simple php script I wrote that links Insightly CRM with Mailchimp. Usually I use Beanstalk to host and deploy my private repositories; however, this script is public on Github, so I wanted to try deploying … read more


Adding Microformats to The Events Calendar

Posted in: Code, Web Design, Work on May 26th, 2011

So I have been thinking about adding Microformats to a local Darwin Events and lifestyle WordPress website I run, but never got round to implementing them. That was until I got some inspiration from the Darwin Web Standards crew at a DWS meetup group session about Microformats and their use in semantic markup. Major props should also go … read more