CSM WordPress Theme v0.3

Posted in: Code, Web Design, Work on December 12th, 2014

Today my focus was on easy analytics code insertion into my WordPress theme… I had already setup MixPanel to track WordPress pages by page type, but I wanted to easily add analytics tracking code without digging into theme files. I use MixPanel, Heap Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and they required insertion in different parts … read more


Easily modify hosts file on Mac

Posted in: Web Design, Work on November 23rd, 2013

I was writing this in an email to a client who is also a Mac user, and thought others might find it useful! What we are effectively doing is telling your computer (via the hosts file) to direct a URL (eg, website.com) to a specific IP address, instead of the default one provided by the … read more

Our Wedding Website

Posted in: Family, Web Design on May 20th, 2013

Oh the joys of planning a wedding… Fortunately for me I only had three responsibilities: 1 – Choose a suit. So I chose one. However, Andrea didn’t like my choice of suit so that was one responsibility erased from my list. 2 – Sort out my groomsmen. Bachelor party in Vegas. Job done! 3 – … read more


The Concept of Flow: A Convergence of Psychological Immersion and Website Design

Posted in: Academics, Web Design, Work on September 21st, 2012

Flow as a psychological state and flow in relation to the way a website is designed align and shrewd marketers will design websites to create an engaging, immersive experience, thus facilitating psychological flow. Csikszentmihalyi (1997) suggests that flow is an optimal experience, characterised by doing things without thinking; a sense of “time flies”; and an … read more

e-Commerce Loyalty Lessons from Amazon

Posted in: Marketing, Web Design, Work on August 31st, 2012

I just read this Econsultancy article by Chris Moffat: How does Amazon get away with it? and it prompted some thinking into loyalty drivers. In the article Moffat identifies a number of ways Amazon breaks ecommerce rules. In his words: The product reviews often display polar opposite opinions on the same page, often lacking justification. How does that aid … read more