CSM Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

This is a minimal WordPress theme with some basic customization options. I used Jared Erikson’s Less theme as a framework and stripped out stuff that I didn’t want. Then I added Font Awesome, an options page, lightweight social sharing (no js!) and a few other things to make it pretty! I tried to keep it as light as possible, but there are a couple of things I plan on doing in the future to improve performance.

The options page allows you to choose a base color (blue, pink or grey), add social profiles, header and favicon images and a footer copyright.

I would love feedback and feature requests! Tweet me up!

Fork on Github | Download Zip


v0.3 (blog post)

  • Added action hook fields in the options page to allow insertion of js or html.
  • Added custom action hook – csm_after_body – which hooks just after the opening body tag.

v0.2 (blog post)

  • Added dropdown menu functionality to support up to three levels.
  • Added Facebook, Behance and LinkedIn social links in the menu.
  • Added default favicon and header image.
  • Some general bug fixes and clean up.

v0.1 (blog post)

  • First release


  • Responsive.
  • Minimal design to show off your content.
  • An options page that allows easy setting of the header profile image, favicon, base color, copyright and social icon links.
  • Social icons in the header (currently supports Twitter, Instagram and Github).
  • Three color options – blue, pink and grey.
  • Copyright option for footer
  • Lightweight social sharing without javascript. (Currently supports sharing to twitter, Facebook and Google Plus)
  • Font awesome icons.
  • 5 most recent posts listed after each post.
  • Simple, CSS only dropdown menu that supports up 3 levels.
  • Ability to insert custom html or js in to three areas: wp_head (just before closing head tag), wp_footer (just after opening footer tag) and csm_after_body (a custom hook just after the opening body tag).


Grey base color
Blue base color
Pink base color
Pink base color
Grey base color
Grey base color
Options screen
Options screen