CSM Minimal WordPress Blog Theme beta v0.1

Posted in: Code, Web Design, Work on October 2nd, 2014
Grey base color
Grey base color

I have been meaning to make my blog theme public for a while, but since I hardcoded some images, etc, I had to create options to allow non-coders to install and manage everything more easily. I spent some time fixing up some hacky code, created some options to avoid having to hard-code images and added two more color options.

Now it’s pretty much ready to be tested by the real world! I know there are a few bugs that need to be fixed before it is robust enough for the average user to use properly. I will work on testing to WP theme repository standards for the next release, I will add to the theme repository.

Download v0.1 Zip file | View on Github

More information, updates and changelog on the CSM Theme Page.

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