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Posted in: Code, Web Design on November 23rd, 2014
Dropdown Menu showing 3 levels
Dropdown Menu showing 3 levels

I have spent a few hours today fixing a few of the issues that were annoying me and tidied up the menu a bit. I originally released v0.2, but I screwed up the version numbers and it failed to bust the cached CSS on my production site. Therefore, 0.21 is the current release.

New features include the addition of more social icons in the menu (Facebook, Behance and LinkedIn) and support for multi-level, dropdown menus.

The social icons were easy as it was a matter of copy and paste. The dropdown menu took a bit longer as I wanted a nice fly-out transition, while only using pure CSS.

View v 0.2 on Github | Download Zip File of v0.21

I put a Fiddle of the non-js dropdown menu code at the bottom if you are interested.

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