Harlow is 6 months!

Posted in: Family, Photos on October 22nd, 2014

And the half year milestone rolls around! Hard to believe we have managed to keep this child alive and happy for this long! High fives all round…

Harlow even got to celebrate her half-year with Nana!

Fun facts about Harlow at 6 months (by Andrea):

  • she is the most inquisitive little girl
  • she doesn’t sit still when she is awake and is always on the go!
  • she likes touching different textures – the wall, pillows, daddy’s beard, couch, blankets, the cats, etc.
  • she sits up all on her own
  • she has started on solid foods – avocado, carrots, banana, oatmeal & sweet potato
  • she sleeps on her belly but still can’t get back on to her back
  • she gets a kick out of other babies and squeals with excitement
  • she went on her first plane ride and rocked it!

Equipment used:

  • Nikon D3100 camera
  • Nikon AFS NIKKOR 50mm f18G lens
  • 50in silver reflector. Home made by sticking aluminum foil on cardboard.

All images copyright Ciaran Mahoney. All rights reserved.

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