I’m Now Google Adwords Certified!

Posted in: Marketing, Work on December 11th, 2014

After many years working professionally with Google Adwords, I finally knocked over the Google Adwords Fundamentals and Advanced Search exams. I know some (many?) PPC pros don’t give much weight to Google’s in-house certification – experience is much more valuable – but I have been working with Adwords for over 6 years now, and wanted some kind of certification I can flaunt across the web like a badge of honor…

So, lo and behold, here it is, in all its glory!

Google Adwords Certification!
Google Adwords Certification!

For those wondering how tough the exams are, there are some challenging questions. I got 92% in the fundamentals (pass is 85%) and 91% in the Search exam (pass is 80%), but I have been fiddling with Adwords for years. I would think they would be especially difficult for anyone who lacks any real-world Adwords experience, and has only reviewed the guides. A good number of questions tested “best practice” thought processes, so I think the fact I have tried, failed and learned from experience helped me parse the nuances of the questions. Although, Google doesn’t say which questions were answered incorrectly, I’ll never know where the gaps in my knowledge lie… Ho hum…

Result for the Google Adwords Advanced Search Advertising exam
Result for the Adwords Advanced Search Advertising exam. I forgot to screenshot my Fundamentals Advertising exam result.

Now off to do the Analytics certification exam…

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