My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

Posted in: Marketing, Web Design, Work on August 18th, 2014

A few days ago I read this awesome post by Zapier: Google Chrome for Marketers: 10 Setup Tips, 20+ Extensions You Need to Know.

While I was already using quite a few of the extensions recommended, it inspired me to try a few new ones. It turns out I use a lot of extensions! Here’s my setup…

Hootsuite Hootlet – Social sharing. I use Hootsuite for managing a range of different social profiles I manage, so this extension helps me quickly post and schedule content.

Hootsuite Hootlet
Hootsuite Hootlet

Buffer – Social sharing. I use Buffer to schedule content for my personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


Bitly – Quick link shortening.

Bitly link shortening Chrome extension
Bitly link shortening

Lastpass – Password manager. This saves me from remembering passwords; it’s a god-send!

Lastpass Chrome Extension

Google Analytics URL Builder – GA URL tagging. Makes tagging URLs really quick and easy!

Google Analytics URL Builder
Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Translate – Quick webpage translation. I deal with cross-border campaigns and translated landing pages, so this lets me get a quick and dirty translation.

Google Translate Chrome Extension
Google Translate Chrome Extension

Pocket - Quickly save content to Pocket.

Pocket Chrome Extension
Pocket Chrome Extension

Riffle – Shows Twitter engagement and history.

Riffle Chrome Extension
Riffle Chrome Extension

Check My Links – Quick broken link checker for current page.

Check my Links Chrome Extension
Check my Links Chrome Extension

Kimono – Scraping tool. You can use this to create quick APIs or simply scrape website content.

Window Resizer - Resizes your Chrome window to common device sizes. Allows for quick and dirty testing for responsive websites.

WhatFont – Checks webfonts being on the current page.

Momentum – Cool images and motivation on new tab page.

Page Analytics (by Google) – Overlays Google Analytics data for my websites.

Rapportive – Shows rich-contact profiles in Gmail. This allows me to view Facebook, LinkedIn and other social profile information right in Gmail.

Pin It Button – Lets me quickly share to Pinterest.

Signals by Hubspot – Tracks email opens and clicks.

Wisestamp – Dynamic and rich email signatures for Gmail.

Clear Cache – Quick cache clear for website testing.

Google Cast - For Chrome Casting to my TV.

Hangouts – For quick access to Google Hangouts.

Boomerang – Email reminders made easy. This lets me set a reminder to follow up on emails when I send them.

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides – Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint from within Chrome. I’m a Google Drive user, so this extension means I don’t have to download or convert files to edit them.

Asana for Chrome - Asana basically runs my life. This extension allows me to create quick tasks from Chrome.

Adobe Edge Inspect - Lets me connect to mobile devices wirelessly for website testing.

PageSpeed Insights – Instantly analyzes website performance.

Tag Assistant - Checks Google Analytics and a few other tags.

YSlow – Like Pagespeed, offers website performance insights.

Let me know if I missed any great Chrome Extensions in the comments below! 

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