What is the ideal room temperature for a sleeping baby?

Posted in: Family, Life on November 30th, 2014

  Well it turns out the answer isn’t as simple as one might think! TL;DR: When putting your baby down to sleep, you should take into account the room temperature, the possible fluctuations of room temperature caused by external factors (outside temperature or heating devices), the baby’s attire and coverings and also any illnesses that may … read more

How to photograph a baby with Christmas lights and create bokeh effect

Posted in: Family, Life, Photos on November 22nd, 2014

I have had a few questions about how I setup my Christmas lights bokeh and baby photoshoot that I did for our Christmas card, so I thought I’d put together some instructions on how to do this. First, a quick disclaimer. Letting your baby play with electric Christmas lights may put them at risk of electric shock … read more

Baby Harlow, 5 months

Posted in: Family, Life, Photos on September 26th, 2014

Harlow is now 5 months old! Here is what she is up to now…(written by Andrea) blows bubbles puts fist & feet in her mouth rolls on her belly nonstop grabs everything gives open mouth kisses can hold bottle on her own sucks/bites lower lip tried carrots, bananas and avocado loves to be in the … read more


Baby Harlow, 4 Months

Posted in: Family, Life, Photos on August 28th, 2014

This sweet girl is 4 months old! (By Andrea) She loves to grab anything she can get her hands on (hair, bracelets, shirts, glasses, the cats…) Her arm and leg rolls are the cutest things ever, she gets distracted by anything and everything while eating, she giggles when we blow on her belly, tickle her chin … read more


Baby Harlow, 3 Months

Posted in: Family, Photos on July 20th, 2014

Baby Harlow is not 3 months old and she’s getting big! Thanks to Miriah and Blair for the wooden blocks that star in this photo-shoot. Equipment: Nikon D3100 camera, Nikon AFS NIKKOR 50mm f18G lens and Neewer TT560 flash with softbox. All photos copyright Ciaran Mahoney. All rights reserved.