Salted Responsive Email Template for MailChimp

Posted in: Marketing, Work on November 11th, 2014

Yesterday I was creating some email campaigns for an upcoming promotional event and decided to freshen up the design with some responsiveness to see if conversion rates improve. Of course, being in a hurry (as always!) I searched for a template to start from. During my search I found Salted, a clean and responsive email template which has been … read more


Intial Thoughts on OnStage by MailChimp

Posted in: Marketing, Work on August 20th, 2011

Those who have read my email marketing ramblings over at the Zhoom Blog know that I am a bit of a MailChimp fan. The other day MailChimp launched a pretty cool new service called OnStage, “An App for Collaborative Email Design”. Basically it is a way of showing your email campaigns to colleagues, clients, executives etc without having to send tests. … read more