Why We Use WiredTree to Host Our Sites

Posted in: Web Design on November 27th, 2013

Just over a year ago, I wanted to try a new host – I just wasn’t getting great performance and uptime from my host at the time. So, after a fair bit of reading and research, I decided to try WiredTree’s Hybrid VPS. I won’t go through the setup process but it was easy – my server was up and running within a day or so and they provided excellent pre- and post-sales support to ensure I got off to a running start.

Straight away I could see the difference in performance between WiredTree and my previous VPS, and it has only got better with the upgrades they have made over time.

To show you the difference between rubbish shared hosting and WiredTree’s Hybrid VPS, here is a screenshot from Zoho 24×7 (which we use to monitor client sites) showing the site response time over a 4 month period – when we switched this site to WiredTree, we did no other performance enhancement so the reduced response time can be credited to WiredTree. To be fair, the legacy host was cheap and nasty shared hosting that our client had setup years before we took over the site design (not our former VPS) and WiredTree is high-performance and much more expensive. But IMHO, dropping website response times down from ~ 7 seconds to under half a second with no effort is worth paying for!

Site performance increase with WiredTree
Site response time decrease after switching to WiredTree

Now we are just over one year into our love affair with WiredTree, and we are more than satisfied with WiredTree as a whole. Performance is exceptional and their customer support is timely and helpful. Check ‘em out here: wiredtree.com

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